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Vintage Carburetors Stamp

Overhaul & Repair Services

Providing Customers with Quality and Reliable Overhauls and Repairs

FAA Approved Repair Station

Vintage Carburetors is a FAA Approved Repair Station Part 145 (#V4UR281Y) and has completed overhauls and repairs for a many vintage warbirds and racing planes.

Our Goal
Our goal is to provide equipment overhauls which meet or exceed the same level of performance, durability, and reliability as the original.

Improved Carburetor Life
Today's overhauled units experience enhanced service lives due to the use of improved materials and technology.

Spare Parts
We maintain a large inventory of original parts including many full carburetor cores, sub-parts and consumable parts such as gaskets, o-rings and diaphragms.

Products Serviced